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Modern living for your OpenEdge Progress 4GL Systems.

About EagleIQ

Since 2002, EagleIQ has been delivering countless trillions of transactions coupling OpenEdge ABL/Progress 4GL with modern IT systems and technologies.

EagleIQ confers full enterprise-class standing to your investment in 4GL business logic and Progress developers using OpenEdge V9 through V12 and beyond. It is a high-availability load-balanced polyglot app server with feature-rich bi-directional RPC functionality.

EagleIQ gives OpenEdge users the freedom to benefit from industry leading technologies for the reasons why they are industry leading technologies.

Mobile, web, integration, IVR, Telephony dialers, and microservices solutions have been built using EagleIQ with competition crushing results. Industries including financial, medical, distribution, manufacturing, retail, social and industrial users leverage their investment in 4GL using EagleIQ. Fortune 20 companies on down to the smallest shops.

EagleIQ Features

Supercharge OpenEdge with EagleIQ. Use industry leading langauges and protocols with ABL business logic. Extend PAS capabilities and migrate from Classic App Server to a feature superset high-availability server.

OpenEdge w/EagleIQ
V9 V10 V11 V12 V9 V10 V11 V12+
Backward Compatibility
Cloud SaaS
Web: Angular, React, Vue and more

= feature incomplete or open issues. Learn more at eagleiq.now@solvepoint.com

An OE Architect's Dream Upgrade OE OE + EagleIQ
Client & RPC Server support: Java, C#, Go, Python, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, Objective-C, Dart, C/C++, WASM, and more.
Feature rich migration path for discontinued Classic AppServer
Invoke non-ABL logic from within ABL
ABL & Java RPC transactions
Leverage APIs written for all leading languages
Rich Transactional Cloud UI, maintainable by 4GL Programmers
Here's an example: Common Market Case Study
Advanced Event Monitoring and Logging
Immediate availablity of Zero-day patches
Elegant configuration of even thousands of DBs, physical and logical servers, and service endpoints

Invoke 4GL logic from C#, Java, and other leading languages. Invoke non-ABL enterprise business logic from within ABL.

Deploy High Availability Load Balanced server farms to scale massively.

Complement and extend PASOE to deliver world-class IT architectures. Retain RPC capabilities as Progress retires classic AppServer at v11.

EagleIQ is the leading RPC platform for OpenEdge supporting synchronous, asynchronous and bi-directional streaming integration.

Access Oracle, SQL Server, Open Source applications, AWS Redshift, Java, Java APIs, and anything Java connects to from within the 4GL.

Improve Progress 4GL Performance of critical time-intensive processes with EagleIQ multi-threading.

Use Node.js, Bootstrap, React.js +Native, Flux, jQuery, AngularJS, PhoneGap, Ionic, Backbone, Ember, MuleSoft, NativeScript, Kafka and just about any other leading technology with your 4GL. Deploy RPC, graphQL, gRPC and RESTful services for cloud, enterprise servers, BI integrations, Mobile, Web applications and more.

Modernize OpenEdge

By "modern" we mean truly modern. You should be able to use the latest industry leading tools without waiting for proprietary binaries or being forced to upgrade OpenEdge ahead of your schedule or comfort level.

EagleIQ RPC supports your enterprise languages of choice: Java, C#, Python, PHP, Go, Node.js, C++, Dart, Android Java, Objective-C, Ruby, and more.

Use with all the leading Web Frameworks including Angular, React, Vue, and more.

Progress Version 9 and up. (yes, you read that correctly. RESTful V9 apps, Golang invoking OpenEdge V9 business logic, V9 Progress invoking microservices, RPC migration path for V12, and more)

We believe your path to staying current and relevant should be obstacle free.

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